Music in the Café


Music in the Café has completed another great season. This summer we hosted musicians on the following dates: June 28, July 2 and 26, and August 9.  Past Music in the Café musicians have gone on to be featured at the Dakota Jazz Club and on NBC’s The Voice! The concerts are a great opportunity to hear talented local musicians not to mention they are free and open to the public.  Guests are invited to bring their lunch or purchase one from Anita’s Café. Music in the Café is sponsored in part by KFAI radio and Minnestoa Music Coalition. We will be posting the new list of artists for 2018 in 2018 late spring.

June 28, 2017- Mary Sue Englund

Mary Sue Englund is a Nashville songwriter, artist, author and graphic designer who is passionate about her music and art.  She recently moved back to Minnesota and is also a passionate advocate for women and their plight against the devastation of breast cancer. She’ll be performing some of her  new works during our first of the series titled Music in the Café.  The program is free and open to the public.  For more information call 651-292-1239.

Mary Sue Englund

July 12, 2017- Miss Myra and the Moonshiners

Myra Joan "The Boss" Burnette discovered her unique musical soul when she formed the Moonshiners in a Minneapolis living room in 2013, and immersed herself in the music of the West Bank under the tutelage of Papa John Kolstad and Dean Harrington. With her golden voice, a powerful horn section, brass bass, and resonator guitar, Miss Myra and her Moonshiners bring their unique sound to the sultriest mix of vintage jazz.

Miss Myra

July 26, 2017- Little Riddles

Little Riddles is fronted by singer-songwriter Robert Pieh, who in 2013 picked up the guitar living in Costa Rica and began writing his own music. Pieh's songwriting draws from the bluegrass, early rock 'n' roll, and country western traditions. With this framework, Little Riddles creates its own sound, blending important aspects of these genres into a 21st century aesthetic. Via driving rhythms, colorful solos, and vocal harmony, Minneapolis-based roots act Little Riddles delivers complex stories with simple melodies in the vein of the American folk traditions.  Having released their self-titled, debut EP in April of 2016, the band is following the momentum of their successful introduction, playing in the Twin Cities region and greater Midwest.

Riddles Band

August 9, 2017- Brian Wicklund and Mike Cramer

Watching Brian and Mike, one immediately notices how good they are. Then you see how much fun they have together. Brian Wicklund is widely regarded as among the top bluegrass fiddle performers in the country. As bandleader of the Minnesota-based Barley Jacks, he also showcases his formidable talents as mandolinist and songwriter. His song craft has a quality of timelessness that draws from the roots music he has spent his life playing. Mike Cramer started his performing career playing guitar on Mississippi paddle boats as a teenager. With a degree in jazz performance and numerous flatpack guitar championships under his belt, he is among the most versatile guitarists in the Midwest.

Wicklund and Cramer image

Minnesota Music Coalition


If you would like more information on the series, or wish to sponsor the 2018 season, please contact Judy at or 651.292.1239.