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The 2018 show was about the unsolved mystery of John Hays.

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Original book by Gary Bruggemann




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Landmark Center’s History Drama Perforamnce Series is a theatre program designed to bring to life many of the trials, court decisions and other related events that were relevant to Landmark Center when it was the Federal Courts Building.  Noted Twin Cities judges, legal prac-titioners and academics often trade robes for costumes to bring the courts to life.

For 2018 Minnesota Federal Bar Association is a sponsor of the program this year as we presented:

Minnesota's Coldest Case: The Unsolved Murder of John Hays

"Minnesota's Coldest Case" is the story of the oldest unsolved murder mystery, written by the author Gary Brueggemann. With tough scrutiny by historians, the script is written to present the events of our area's "pioneer past" in a fair, accurate, and sensitive treatment.

The original script was written for the stage by Bill Sikorski and is directed by Joe Hendren. Produced and Presented by Minnesota Landmarks.

These performances are open to the public, and due to their popularity, require ticket purchases in advance. Tickets are also available at the door.

Performances scheduled for 2018 were September 13, 14, and 15.