Summer Arts Discovery


Deer Texting

Brothers Rocking Horse

Art work by Ann Klefstad, Judd Nelson, Angela Davis and Michael Bahl during the 2016 program.



Hello Summer Arts Discovery Artists,

Minnesota Landmarks has secured funding to do another exhibition of Summer Arts Discovery this summer with the help of Forecast Public Art.  The program will again exhibit the work of local and regional artists and provide public engagement through an artists' workshop, showcasing painters, sculptors and other visual artists in action.

This year it will only be the exhibition and workshop (for a selected group of artists). We will not be doing an Artist Residency.  Instead, we will be looking at the submitted art and considering one to purchase for permanent display at Landmark Center.

As a participant in our other Summer Arts Discovery exhibitions, we encourage you to consider applying to be part of the program again.  We will give new artists a slight edge, but we would be interested in your submissions, as well, and encourage you to submit.  The open call is attached.  It is also available on the Forecast website.

Forecast Public Art is an internationally known nonprofit public arts service organization and publisher of Public Art Review. Headquartered in St. Paul, MN’s Creative Enterprise Zone, Forecast connects the talents and energies of artists with the needs and opportunities of communities, providing guidance with planning and commissioning efforts.

Summer Arts Discovery is made possible through funding provided by the Mardag Foundation, the F. R. Bigelow Foundation and the Saint Paul Cultural STAR Program. All the artists featured in Summer Arts Discovery were chosen through an application and jury process.

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