Meet the Artists of Summer Arts Discovery - 2016

Norman Andersen

Norman Andersen - Norman Andersen lives in South Minneapolis where he has been producing his electric sound sculpture for nearly 40 years.  At his alternative studio in Cable, Wisconsin, he has been creating outdoor kinetic and sound sculpture for the past 25 years.  Norman has exhibited his work throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan. He has received numerous grants, awards, fellowships, and public art commissions.

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Michael Bahl

Michael Bahl - Michael Bahl’s work has been featured on National Public Radio's Studio 360, the Lowertown Artists series produced by SPNN, and the science/design blog Boing Boing. He participated in the Science Museum of Minnesota's Beaker and Brush public discussion forum, in which a professor of Paleontology and he addressed the scientific and imaginary possibilities of evolution.

In 2014 Michael’s first commissioned piece was permanently installed in the newly renovated St. Paul Union Depot, which is influenced by his work in Paleo-osteological interpretation, relief sculpture, and cultural mythology.

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Philip Blackburn

Philip Blackburn - Philip was born in Cambridge, England, and studied music there as a Choral Scholar at Clare College where he earned his Bachelors and Masters of Arts degrees. He earned his Ph.D. in Composition from the University of Iowa. Since 1991, Philip has worked at the American Composers Forum, running the innova Recordings label (which has been called “the nation’s premiere label for American new music”) while developing re-granting programs (notably the Jerome Commissioning Program, McKnight Fellowships) and opportunities for composers (such as the Sonic Circuits International Electronic Music Festival, Continental Harmony, and Bamboofest).

Philip is also a public artist specializing in sound. A composer/environmental sound-artist,  he composed the soundtrack for the Wild Music: Sounds and Songs of Life exhibition, initiated by the Science Museum of Minnesota, which is now traveling the nation.  Philip will be creating an original work of art just Landmark Center, that will make its debut later this summer.

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Angela Davis

Angela Davis - Angela is a local painter born and raised in Minneapolis and currently living in downtown Minneapolis. Her primary medium is acrylic and Sharpie, and she uses a bold and bright pallet to catch the viewers eye and lift their spirits.

She has participated in numerous exhibits, art fairs, markets, music festivals, art projects, murals, and more.

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Ann Klefstad

Ann Klefstad - Ann Klefstad has lived by the shore of Lake Superior, and within a five-minute walk from forest and river in the city of Duluth, for 20 years. During this time she has been creating sculptures and other works that respond to this environment. Early influences were diverse, from Rodin to Southern Sung and Zen ink painting to Fluxus. She is not an adherent of signature style, but instead chooses media and ways of working that allow her to serve the esthetic needs of her environment, and that communicate well.

She works as a features writer and critic as well as a public artist. She has created many sculptures and sculptural environments by commission and is currently working on a piece for the Lake Superior Zoo that will memorialize the barn animals that died in the flood of 2013.

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Keren Kroul

Keren Kroul - Keren Kroul was born in Israel to an Argentinean father and Israeli mother, and grew up in Mexico City and Costa Rica. She holds an MFA in painting from  Parsons School of Design and a BA in fine arts from Brandeis University. Her work was featured in the 2014 MN Biennial at the MN Museum of American Art, and has been exhibited at the Rockford Art Museum, Art Museum of the University of Memphis, Revolving Museum, Soo Visual Arts Center, Minnetonka Center for the Arts, and Phipps Center for the Arts, among others. Keren was awarded a 2015 MN State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant, and was featured in the 2016 season of MN Original (TPT – Twin Cities PBS).

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Sharol Nau

Sharol Nau - Sharol’s artwork made the math connection nearly fifteen years ago. A group of mathematician/artists began conversing and meeting with other artist/mathematicians around the country. She attended one of those early conferences at the University of California Berkeley and knew right away that she wanted to incorporate some of the long-held mathematical ideas to her paintings. Though not a mathematician, various simple math problems began to fascinate her.  Sharol developed a method of designing paintings based on the Goldbach Conjecture which suggests that any even number greater than 4 is expressible as the sum of two odd primes. These works have been exhibited around the country as well as in Spain and England. Selected works are also found in the Mathematical Arts Museum at Townson University and the St Olaf College Math Department.

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Judd Nelson

Judd Nelson- Judd Nelson grew up in Minnesota and loves being in the outdoors observing wildlife and its habitat. He started welding in his high school art class at age 15 and two years later he had his own set of welding tanks. At age 17, he was accepted into
his first juried show at the Minnesota State Fair. Judd graduated from the University of Minnesota with an art education degree, with a major emphasis on metal sculpture. Out of college, he taught art on a Sioux Indian reservation in South Dakota and later in the public schools in Boise, Idaho. For 14 years, Judd worked for Hometime, a national public television show. Hometime videotaped three PBS shows as he and his colleagues developed the sculpture studio. 

He still enjoys teaching, and for the last few years, has been teaching metal sculpture at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts. He spends summers in Grand Marias where he has a sculpture studio and teaches metal  workshops for the Art Colony.

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St. Paul Slim

St. Paul Slim - St. Paul Slim (a.k.a. Meyer Warren) is methodically quiet and prefers to sit back and observe, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Don’t write him off as shy or docile, though, because as somber as Slim can be, he can be equally boisterous and rowdy. He’ll get in your face to deliver the harsh reality of everyday life in the inner city. Born in Chicago and raised in St. Paul, Slim’s hard past is the creative fuel powering his career. If he raps about a gun, it’s because he’s carried one. If he rhymes about gang violence, it’s because he’s dealt with it and witnessed it.

Everything’s got a lesson to it, Slim says. Growing up during Hip Hop’s heyday, Slim’s art and music reflect his desire to bring the genres back to their roots.

As if St. Paul Slim isn’t well rounded enough, his recent artistic ability has given birth to the painting persona, The W8 On Empty Space. Slim’s pieces are remarkable, vibrant, and pure expressions of his life and Hip Hop culture. Even more remarkable, he creates these colorful works while colorblind, showing that truly, there are no limitations to his talent and capabilities.

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Cecilia Schiller

Cecilia Schiller - Sculptor and woodcarver Cecilia Schiller has been investigating and creating interactive mechanical sculptures (also called automata) since 2008, and explored wood-carving for over twenty years. Her colorful and whimsical pieces range in size from tabletop to 13 feet tall and are brought to life with the turn of a crank, arousing the curiosity and imagination of viewers young and old.  Cecilia has created several interactive public artworks that are on permanent display in the metro area, including the interactive donation box at Landmark Center. She has received many grants and awards for her work, including the Minnesota State Arts Board and Forecast Public Art. 

Cecilia shares her talents by teaching classes in woodworking, carving and automata at Woodcraft and North House Folk School. 

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Asia Ward

Asia Ward- Asia Ward is a Minnesota-based artist who creates public art projects about the environment, water systems, and electric power production. Since 2006, Asia has been working for the Science Museum of Minnesota. In 2015 she co-founded the company REcharge Labs, where she develops products, writes curriculum, and trains educators about wind and solar power. Asia has participated in several Artist Residencies around the US and has received grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board, Northern Lights, Public Art Saint Paul, and The Knight Foundation.

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Chris Williams

Chris Williams - Chris Williams challenges the viewer to see parallelograms and polygons in a whole new way. Using circular and non-linear shapes and designs within the “conventional” shapes, the artist creates a dichotomy between conformity and convention vs. free form and creative  movement and expression.

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