Vintage Saint Paul Tour

Coney Island Storefront


The Vintage Saint Paul Tour will take participants on an evening stroll back in time. Starting in Landmark Center, the tour will head down Saint Peter Street to see Mickey's Diner. The tour will then make its way over to the Coney Island. Only open for special engagements, the Coney Island will welcome the Vintage Saint Paul Tour guest with a classic Coney Dog and beverage. The tour will next stop at Candyland for a sampling of their famous popcorn and end at the Saint Paul Hotel where guests will be able to enjoy the cash bar and atmosphere enjoyed by so many over the last 100 years.

We usually offer two dates during the summer months.

Tickets: $30.00

Admission price includes Candyland Popcorn and Coney Island meal.  

For more information please contact Jenny at 651.292.3237 or jreinhard[@]