Awards + Honors

Award presentation
2016 Sustainable Saint Paul Awards – Mayor Chris Coleman, Minnesota Landmarks Executive Director Amy Mino, Minnesota Landmarks Board Member Manny Castillo, and Minnesota Landmark Board Member and City Councilmember Amy Brendmoen



In 2018 Minnesota Meetings and Events awarded Landmark Center “Best Historic or Cultural Venue.”

Certificate of Excellence-2017

In 2017 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for being #13 of 194 Things to Do In Saint Paul


The Sustainable Saint Paul Awards honor outstanding schievements of inidividulas, businesses ansd organizations that are demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship thorughout Saint Paul and beyond. Minnesota Landmarks won the award in the category of Energy Efficiency and Conservation for public buildings. The award was presented by Mayor Chris Coleman and the Saint Paul City Council on April 20, 2016. Minnesota Landmarks had converted thousands of its light bulbs to certified LED lights over a four year period, saving thousands of dollars in electrical costs.


The Saint Paul Heritage Preservation Commission and the Saint Paul Chapter of the American Institute of Architects presented an award to Minnesota Landmarks in recognition of their ongoing commitment and leadership in the restoration of the Landmark Center, truly Saint Paul’s preservation success story on May 19, 2015.


In 2012, Minnesota Landmarks received the “Award of Merit” from the AASLH Leadership in History Awards for the recent project, “Uncle Sam’s New Deal” traveling exhibit.


In 2010, Minnesota Monthly awarded the “Urban Expedition” series the title of “Best Global Tour” for its outreach to geographic regions of the world. Each year the series chooses five different countries to present elements of their culture in the form of dance, music, food, language lessions and other elements to the general public for free.


In 2009, the American Association of State and Local History (AASLH) awarded Minnesota Landmarks an Award of Merit for the “Uncle Same Worked Here” exhibition. The exhibition includes a self-guided tour on several aspects of the federal services once offered in the building.


Landmark Center , with our 1902 pink-granite former courthouse-turned-arts incubator in downtown St. Paul , was honored for its role in revitalizing our Rice Park neighbor hood. The center received a National Preservation Honor Award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The award was presented at the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s 2007 conference held recently in St. Paul .  Landmark Center ’s 1970s restoration sparked a renaissance in its Rice Park neighborhood. The center’s restoration, including renovations of the St. Paul Hotel and St. Paul Central Library triggered “the rebirth of downtown St. Paul,” said Richard Moe, the National Trust’s president.  The award was given to both Minnesota Landmarks and the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners for their joint effort in maintaining the 105 year-old building in the 25 years of their partnership, which continues to this day.

Uncle Sam Moves (Back) in at Landmark Center-2007

June 25, 2007­ The building that local journalist and author Larry Millett heralded as “St. Paul’s very own fairlytale castle” welcomes a new resident this summer.  The presence of the Federal Government returns to this former federal building on Friday, August 3, marking the grand opening of “Uncle Sam Worked Here,” a permanent, building-wide exhibition that chronicles the storied federal history of Landmark Center.   The public is invited to enjoy the exhibition along with light refreshments on Friday, August 3, from 7pm-9pm.  There will be guided tours and entertainment.

Federal agencies officially inhabited the building from its opening in 1902 through 1967.  Serving as the Federal Courts Building, the St. Paul Post Office, and the Customhouse, the structure lived through numerous incarnations during the 20th century as it provided a home for federal offices.  “Uncle Sam Worked Here” utilizes exhibit displays and interactive tools to delve into the history of St. Paul’s simultaneously grand and utilitarian Federal Building.  Topics include the federal court system, wartime activities, the New Deal, Prohibition, immigration and citizenship, and the slow decay and subsequent preservation and adaptive reuse of the building.   Significant tenants are featured, linking their activities with the overarching cultural, social, political and historical happenings of the times.  Colorful and informative stories echo the world at large and offer an entry point into the history of St. Paul, the State of Minnesota, and the nation.

Large exhibit panels, graphics, audio experiences, video installations and full-sized replicas guide visitors through the spaces, from the atrium on the first floor, to the four architecturally restored courtrooms, to offices, to nooks and crannies throughout the building.  Dramatic tales abound, like James J. Hill’s trust-busting testimony, the trial of infamous gangster moll Evelyn Frechette, the espionage trial of Rose Pastor Stokes and more.  An array of interesting characters appear, from Teddy Roosevelt to Ike Eisenhower to Senator Eugene McCarthy to notorious gangsters like Alvin ‘Creepy’ Karpis.

Read more in the Pioneer Press article.

Landmark Center in top 25 “Best Preserved!” -2006

The Landmark Center Building has been selected as one of Minnesota’s 25 best preserved historic properties by the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota. It is a great honor to have been selected from the hundreds of possible properties in this touring exhibit.

The Alliance embarked upon an effort to select the 25 best preserved properties in honor of its 25th Anniversary. The Preservation Alliance of Minnesota is a member-based historic preservation nonprofit. For more information to schedule the exhibit or become a member call 651-293-9047.

Minnesota Landmarks Receives Award-2005

The Minnesota chapter of the Society of American Institute of Architecture has honored Landmark Center and its renovation with the 25 year award. The building was elegantly restored by Winsor/Faricy Architects (now Collaborative Design Group) in 1979.

“The building is enhanced by the lasting restoration; the use of color is unique and highlights original details. It was an important project for its time…and remains today a living, breathing space full of community organizations and activities.” (quote from Architecture Minnesota, Nov/Dec issue 2005)

Bronze Award-2001

In 2001, Minnesota Landmarks received a Bronze Award at the Minnesota Media Festival for its video production, Landmark Center: A Work of Art Serving People.

Honor Award for Excellence in Architectural Design-1980

In 1980 Minnesota Landmarks and the architectural team were honored with the most prestigioius award for buildings, the American Institute of Archtects’ Honor Award for Excellence in Architectural Design. The Committee judging entries stated in the cremony that Landmark Center was “the best example of adaptive reuse [they had] seen.”