2021-2022 Virtual Events

Minnesota Boychoir: January 9, 2021

We missed having the Minnesota Boychoir perform this year, but fortunately, there are virtual performances of their past performance ready to view from the comfort of your own home.  Their most recent concert, Merry & Bright, features the 2021-2022 choirboys and can be found at Merry & Bright with the Minnesota Boychoir – YouTube.

Virtual Christmas Stories with J.B. Eckert

Join storyteller J.B. Eckert online for an original Christmas story. “A Tumble of Trouble” and “Flight of the Grampees” are now available!

Great Pumpkin Halloween Celebration: October 24, 2021

Guests at the annual Great Pumpkin Halloween Celebration enjoyed Halloween festivities at Landmark Center with live entertainment, crafts, treats, and a costume parade.


Channel your inner superhero and use this template to create a fun mask for your next mission!

Superhero Mask Template

“Obscenity on Trial: The Case Against Dr. Charles Malchow”: October, 2021

Written by Thomas Fabel • Directed by Chad Snyder

“Obscenity On Trial: The Case Against Dr. Charles Malchow,” explores the repercussions of the Comstock Act of 1873, which prohibited the use of U.S. Mail for any “obscene, lewd, lascivious, immoral or indecent” publications. The play recalls the events surrounding a promotional mailing for a clinical book written by Twin Cities’ physician, Dr. Charles W. Malchow, titled “The Sexual Life”, in a way only Landmark Center’s History Plays can – with noted Twin Cities judges, legal practitioners, and academics trading robes for costumes to bring the events to life. View the full performance here.

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival: September 12, 2021

Did you miss our annual Mid-Autumn Moon Festival this year? Take a look at our virtual program below and celebrate this Southeast Asian tradition at home with crafts, music, dance, storytelling, a lion dance and lantern parade. Co-presented with the Vietnamese community of Minnesota.

Full 2021 Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Program


Craft Your Own Beaded Dragonfly

Craft Your Own Beaded Dragonfly Instructions

Beaded Dragonfly Wings Template

Butterfly Lantern

Butterfly Lantern Instructions

Butterfly Lantern Supplies

Rooster Lantern

Rooster Lantern Instructions

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Coloring Sheets

Lantern Parade Coloring Sheet

Enjoy Moon Festival Coloring Sheet