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History Plays

The History Plays and Trial Reenactments recall major events in a way only Landmark Center’s theater series can – with lawyers and judges, taking on the roles of law breakers!

War, Resistance, and Protest: The Trial of the “Minnesota 8”

October 5th & 6th – 7 pm | October 7th – 2 pm, 2023


With an all-star cast of Twin Cities lawyers and judges, 2023’s History Play takes place in 1970, the year the anti-war movement intensified among college students who were protesting President Richard M. Nixon’s military efforts in Vietnam. On trial was the Minnesota 8, students with connections to the University of Minnesota, arrested for breaking into draft offices throughout the state in attempt to destroy draft records. 

Landmark Center’s History Play performance series is a theater program designed to bring to life many of the trials, court decisions, legal ramifications, and other related events that were relevant to Landmark Center when it was the Federal Courts Building. Noted Twin Cities judges, legal practitioners, and academics often trade robes for costumes to bring the events to life.

History Plays are produced by Landmark Center and recorded by SPNN. Want to see past History Plays and Trial Reenactments? Visit Landmark Center’s YouTube channel – Trial Reenactment playlist.