Photography guidelines

Landmark Center is a Ramsey County property, managed by the non-profit organization, Minnesota Landmarks. Although the building is a public space, and generally we do not charge for non-commercial, one-time photo sessions (i.e. engagement photo shoots) taken by the public at large, we do have guidelines and restrictions due to the frequent rentals and private events that take place in the building. Following are the guidelines established to the mutual benefit of all concerned.

  • Photographers must get a photography pass from our Rental Office. You can request a pass during business hours, Monday-Friday from Hilari at 651.292.3293.
  • Availability on weekends is limited as priority is given to our booked clients of the day.
  • NO parking is ever permitted at our dock or reserved parking spaces.
  • Be sure to find out what locations we have restricted for the day, since we have private events going on most days. Please be aware that things may have changed or booked since you called to arrange for a pass.
  • Tripods or any additional photographic equipment (lights, umbrellas) are not permitted.
  • No changing is permitted in the restrooms.
  • Do NOT go into rooms that are in the process of being set-up for an upcoming event.
  • Do NOT block any stairwells, hallways or doorways with your shoot or equipment.
  • No antique furniture is permitted to be moved from its original location without prior permission
  • No climbing, sitting or standing atop any antique furniture pieces we have throughout the building.
  • Please do not leave any personal items unattended as it is a public building. We are not responsible for anything left behind.
  • You must be out of the building by 5pm of the same day, unless permission is given otherwise.
  • Landmark Center staff and crew reserve the right to ask you to leave a space at anytime.
  • Respect the work and space of other photographers who may be in the building.
  • Respect the event spaces and parties that are booked in the spaces for the day.
  • Be aware of (and quiet when necessary) what is going on around you, as we often have ceremonies or meetings happening in courtrooms during the day.
  • Landmark Center is a working building. Do not enter any of the offices that are not public space. Respect the tenants working in the offices by not blocking any doors and keeping noise levels to a minimum.

You acknowledge that this permission is given based on a single time opportunity and multiple sessions are not permitted without either: Being part of a program that is already scheduled in the building, or you have leased space for these photography sessions, as arranged by our Events Staff at Minnesota Landmarks. Please be sure to plan ahead, as it is hard for us to accommodate last minute requests. Questions, please contact Hilari at 651.292.3293