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Urban Expedition

Landmark Center’s popular Urban Expedition program, provides families with an opportunity to learn about the world right here in Saint Paul’s backyard.  In its 14th season, five individual programs will provided authentic cultural experiences that included music, dance, crafts and traditions from different destination countries.

2020 Season

  • January 12 – Germany
  • February 9 – Guatemala
  • March 8 – Indonesia
  • March 22 – Poland & Hungary (POSTPONED date TBD, see virtual event below)
  • May 31 – Senegal  & Sierra Leone (POSTPONED date TBD, see virtual event below)

May 26 – “Virtual sampler” of UE: Senegal & Sierra Leone

Welcome to our virtual sampler of Urban Expedition: Senegal and Sierra Leone!
Some facts about Senegal –
Language: French is the official language, with many other ethnic language ( Balanta-Ganja, Hassaniya Arabic, Jola-Fonyi, Mandinka, Mandjak, Mankanya, Noon (Serer-Noon), Pulaar, Serer, Soninke, and Wolof) are recognized “national languages”
Population: 15,854,323 (2018 estimates)
Capital and largest city: Dakar

A few facts about Sierra Leone –
Language: English is the official language, the Krio language, derived from English and several indigenous languages, is spoken by 90% of the country’s population.
Population: 7,092,113 (2015 census)
Capital and largest city: Freetown

West African crafts for kids: Adinkra Painting  


ANTHEM: National Anthem of Sierra Leone

DANCE: Sierra Leone

Independance Anniversary Celebration:

TRADITIONS: Weaving in Sierra Leone

CRAFT: Make a chimpanzee  (the national animal of Sierra Leone)

FOOD: Sierra Leone Beef Peanut Butter soup, from Mimie Mogaka

Beef Peanut Butter Soup


ANTHEM: National Anthem of Senegal

DANCE: A festival in Dakar

TRADITIONS: Traditional clothing of Senegal

Traditional clothing

CRAFT: Make a lion (the national animal of Senegal)

FOOD: Yassa Poulet (Chicken) – A Senegalese favorite, from Khadi Airdara

Yassa Poulet

VIRTUAL EVENTS: April 20 & 21 – “Virtual sampler” of UE: Poland & Hungary. Visit our community partners Dolina Polish Folk Dancers, the Polish American Cultural Institute of Minnesota, Minnesota Hungarians and the Vidéki Hungarian Dancers.


DANCE: Dolina Polish Folk Dancers

CRAFTS: Check out this craft blog and make a flower crown using wire.

Polish Pierogi
Polish “Potica” (pro: po-TEET-sa) Bread. Also called Povitica bread. Polish Soup Fest from the Polish American Cultural Institute of Minnesota

FOLK ART DEMONSTRATION: Polish Egg Decorating “Pisanki”


DANCE: Rábaközi Dances | Vidéki Dance Group | Festival of Nations 2019

PEOPLE: Hungarian-American artists in Minnesota

FOOD: Discover Hungarian cooking! Authentic Hungarian Goulash

Make a Turul puppet!
Make a Hungarian Paper Quilt

FOLK ART DEMONSTRATION & LEARNING: Visit this Smithsonian website for demonstrations of several Hungarian folk arts such as weaving, wicker work, ginger bread, embroidery and more!

All programs are from 1-3 pm (except virtual events) , FREE and open to the public. Children and adults alike receive a travel “passport” that will be stamped for each country in the series. Along with music and dance, each Urban Expedition features live animals native to the featured country, and language lessons.

Urban Expedition logo

Urban Expedition is a part of Sundays at Landmark, an event series is produced by Minnesota Landmarks, the nonprofit programming and management agency for Landmark Center. Urban Expedition is sponsored by Ramsey County, Travelers, Ecolab, Xcel Energy Foundation, Lillian Wright and C.Emil Berglund Foundation, RBC Wealth Management, and Minnesota Parent. For more information call 651.292.3063.