Community Artist Resident Engagement

Explore Landmark Center like you never have before.

Landmark Center’s Community Artist Resident Engagement (CARE) programming mission is to build and strengthen community involvement, especially with under-represented communities, through direct public engagement with the process of art-making directed by a leading Twin Cities artist. All ages are encouraged to be involved.

Andrew Young is Landmark Center’s 2021-2022 CARE Artist-in-Residence and invites you to explore Landmark Center like you never have before while answering the question: What is beyond the five senses?

The CARE (Community Artist Residency Engagement) is made possible by the generous support of the Mardag Foundation, the F.R. Bigelow Foundation, and with additional support through a grant from the Nash Foundation.

Engagement Dates and Information

All events are free and open to the public!

Letters to your Neighbor: March 26, 2022; 1-3 pm

Join Landmark Center’s 2021-2022 CARE artist for the first engagement of the season! What would you like to say to your St. Paul neighbors? What would you like to hear from them? “Letters to your Neighbor” will explore the sense of connection. Write or draw a letter that you will pass along, and take a letter written by one of your neighbors, all through Landmark Center’s own “mail chute”. The letters will go through a mail chute in the cortile, echoing the space’s history as a post office. 

Reservations encouraged, walk-ins welcome!

Sense explored: Connection 

Reservations encouraged, walk ins welcome!

Reimagining Justice: May 7, 2022; 11 am-1 pm

What does justice look like to you? Come to the Landmark center’s courtrooms and tell your story. There will be a microphone and a recorder set up on the judge’s dais, and places and materials to write your story if you’d prefer. Tell a story about an injustice you’ve experienced in your life, small or large, and what justice looks like to you for that situation. The stories will be collected and shared (with consent) in the Landmark Center. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to create an effigy representing injustice out of clay, and then smash it with a giant gavel.

Sense explored: Justice 

Reservations encouraged, walk ins welcome!

Exquisite Crankies: May 22, 2022; 1-3 pm

A crankie is a form of puppetry used to tell stories via a moving scroll. An exquisite corpse is a drawing game used to connect drawings made by different people. So, exquisite crankies are combining the two! Come visit Courtroom 317, where you’ll learn how a crankie works and get to create a part of one that everyone who visits will create together! Do you have a story about the Landmark Center? Or a building? It could be your house, your school, or any building in St. Paul. A good story, a funny story, a mysterious story? Come draw it and have it be a part of a crankie, which will be displayed in the Landmark center once everyone’s stories are connected! 

Sense explored: Imagination

Reservations encouraged, walk ins welcome!

Greenhouse Gallery: June 12, 2022; 1-3 pm

How often do we stop to admire the beauty of the food we eat? When is the last time you admired a carrot, or a tomato? What foods are grown around us, by members of our community? Join us on Market Street, where there will be a gallery of locally crafted produce for you to admire. Decorate a planter by marbling it with wax, and plant a seed. Visit the gallery’s gift shop, where you can buy art from the gallery, and “take-home art kits” with recipes from local restaurants. 

Sense explored: Taste, Sight

Reservations encouraged, walk ins welcome!

Building Rhythms: June 30, 2022; 5-7 pm

How often do you get to hear the sound of drums coming out of a courtroom? Today you will, and you can be part of it! Using simple wood frames and clear packing tape, come learn to make a tape drum that you can take home with you, and learn some simple rhythms you can play together with other people. 

Sense explored: Sound, rhythm

Reservations encouraged, walk ins welcome!   

Falls at Landmark: July 21, 2022; 7 pm

We live in a city built by water, which sustains us to this day. An indoor installation of a waterfall, created using fabric, will cascade down from the top of the Cortile to the ground floor, honoring the river that built the city and the clean water we use every day. What stories do you have around water? Come learn to create shadow puppets and tell those stories. Using overhead projectors, you can share those stories and project them onto the falls. You can also add to the collaborative sculpture and learn to do simple lashing, in partnership with Urban Boatbuilders! 

Sense: Exploration

Reservations encouraged, walk ins welcome!

Light Up Landmark: August 18, 2022; 7 pm

What stories can be told by a building? Using light and shadow puppets, come create and share those hopes, puppet them to life, and see them projected several stories high!

Sense explored: Wonder

This is the CARE 2022 culmination event, and refreshments will be served. Reservations encouraged, walk ins welcome!  

Photos by Bruce Silcox