2024 Holiday Bazaar Vendor Documents


(For purposes of this agreement, “Center” refers to Landmark Center)

By submitting a ZAPP application for the Landmark Center Holiday Bazaar, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions stated throughout this application and in this Holiday Bazaar Vendor Agreement.

  1. Vendor represents that it is a Minnesota business in good standing with the State of Minnesota, and that it has and will maintain all necessary licenses and permits from state related to its business.
  2. Vendor warrants it has the proper insurance policies in place to protect its business transactions and will furnish Center with certificates of insurance if requested.
  3. Vendor shall be deemed as an independent contractor and not an employee of Center or Ramsey County. Any and all agents, servants, or employees of the contractor or other persons, while engaged in the performance of any work or services required to be performed by Center or Ramsey County under this agreement, shall not be considered employees of Center or Ramsey County; and any and all claims that may or might arise on behalf of Center or Ramsey County, its agent, servant, employees or other person shall in no way be the obligation or responsibility of Center or Ramsey County. The contractor, its agents, servants, or employees shall be entitled to none of the rights, privileges or benefits of Center or Ramsey County.
  4. Vendor further agrees to defend and hold Center or Ramsey County, harmless from any claims, demands, actions or causes or action arising out of any act or omission on the part of the vendor or its agent, servants or employees in the performance of or with relation to any of the work or services provided to be performed or furnished by the Vendor under the terms of this agreement.
  5. Vendor shall provide its best efforts to resolve any service/performance issues that arise from its business at the Center. Center shall have the right, but not the obligation, to take such steps as it deems necessary to resolve a service/performance issue arising from vendor’s activity.
  6. Vendor must leave designated use areas in a clean condition following the Holiday Bazaar. All waste must be removed and placed in the dumpster off the loading dock. Any recyclables must be recycled in appropriate bins located on or off the loading dock.
  7. Vendor must have a representative on-site through the entire duration of the event.
  8. Vendor is not allowed to park on the loading dock.


  1. All loading and unloading of equipment and supplies must be done at the loading dock door. The loading zone is not a parking area. Vehicles must be unloaded and then parked elsewhere unless cleared with Center.
  2. The freight elevator must be kept available and accessible to the Center staff.
  3. Security personnel patrol the booth areas when the building is open and the bazaar is closed, and are also present during the hours of the bazaar. Please be aware that Landmark Center is a public building and we do our utmost to ensure safety and security of items and personnel during the bazaar. However, vendors should be aware that there is a possibility of theft occurring. The Center is not responsible for articles left unattended or overnight.
  4. Center has a lift at the loading dock to aid in getting booth materials into the building. Lift must be operated by Center staff. No persons are allowed to ride on lift.


  1. Center to provide tables & chairs for booth space.
  2. Center will provide all custodial services.
  3. Center will provide adequate designated food prep area’s equipped with steel tables, running water, and electricity.

All questions regarding the Holiday Bazaar in Landmark Center may be directed to Emma Seeley, Community Programs Director, eseeley@landmarkcenter.org.